Founder and owner Katarina C. Greene started out in her career working in areas she had a special passion and connection to including for example non profit organizations like the Swedish Track & Field Association and Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. She later moved into for profit companies including Body Bar Systems and various service offering companies before starting her own company in 2007. After a couple of years she added and started her family run import and export business back in 2009 (she ran it together with her father for 4 years). She has since 2013 mainly focused on this side of the business, however, running it on her own together with working with other Scandinavian clients entering the US market. Alongside life’s regular duties Katarina used to be a competitive athlete in various sports and used to travel the world quite a bit. Today she resides in Boulder, CO with her husband and two boys, age 7 and 5. She still tries to keep exploring the world as much as possible and every day is a new chapter in the book of learning when it comes to running a business and raising her boys.

"If you are happy your business is happy"

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